Roc royal imagine pt 1

Author note ( your at rocs house Chillin PS he has a girlfriend and your his bestfriend)
Yn: so what do you wanna do?
Roc: idk…… lets play hide and go seek
Yn: wow your so childish okay lets play
Roc: OK I’ll count to 45
Yn:(runs and hides in guest bedrooms closets)
(30 sec later)
Roc:if you ready or not here I come (know where you are)
Yn: ( tries to be quiet but sees a spider) ahhhhh ewwwww (Takes of shoe and hit multiple times) die bitch die (runs out the closet)
Roc: found you
Yn: nigga I know yo ass knew where I was cause you be cheating
Roc:mee nooo
Yn: yeah yeah whatever
Roc: (playing dumb) why do you only have one shoe on
Yn: stop playing dumb I saw a spider in there
Roc: (chuckles)(say in a high pitch voice) ahhh ewww die bitch die
Yn: shut up and go suck a dick
Roc: aye aye I aint gay iont do that shit
Yn: mmh I’m hungry
Roc: me t(GCO)
( The door opens down stairs)
??: rocky poo I’m home
Yn: (mumbles) oh lord help me
Roc: hey layla I’m upstairs
Layla:(comes upstairs) hey yn (mumbles) hoe hey roc can I have $1,000
Roc: (sighs) here u do
Layla: (take it and leave the house)
Yn: the bitch called me a hoe
Roc: why do you hate her so much
Yn: first.the bitch called mean hoe second roc she takes your money and doesn’t pay you back. She’s a ratchet ass gold digging hoe
Roc: ( comes closer to you) your just jealous
Yn: niggardly jealous why in the world would be jealous of that bitch
Roc: just admit your jealous
Yn: tell me why I would be jealous
Roc: she my Gf and you want me
Yn: I dont give to shits if she yo girl
Roc: come on dammit just admit it
Yn: and if I don’t
Roc: (comes closer) you have to prove it to me that you don’t
Yn: by doing what
Roc: (bites lip) …….
Part 2 coming soon

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