princeton and ray rayimagines

princetonPrinceton imagine .:Detention:.

(Yn pov) today in detention because I punched the fucking teacher. That bitch know nothing to mess with me. (End of pov)
Mrs. Brown: Yn you’re gonna be in here until I say you can leave and there will be another student joining you
Yn: yea whatever *rolls eyes*
Mrs. Brown: anyways imma be in the teachers lounge and I’m lockinh the door when the other person comes so y’all can’t sneak out
Yn: ya whatever
(Yn pov) so im sitting here and this fine nerd boy comes in here and sits next to me I think his name is Princeton (end of pov)
Mrs. Brown: okay I’m going to the teachers lounge you two behave
Yn+prince: okay
prince: why you in here??
Yn: because I punched a teacher why you in here??
Prince: I cussed out the teacher
Yn: oh big whoop
Prince:*gets closer to you* oh so you trynna be bad huh
Yn: honey I’m already bad
Prince: *whispers in your ear* lemme say this again. So you trynna be bad huh *licks your ear*
Yn: *shivers and moans* y -yes
Prince: do you know what I do to bad girls
yn: no
Prince: well you about to find out get ya ass up.
yn: Okay
Prince roughly takes your shirt and bra off and he starts sucking your boobs hardly. He then took your pants off and saw that you were wet. He came back up and kissed you roughly and then moved to you neck leaving hickey. He ripped your panties off and put 3 fingers in you and your legs started to close.
prince: open you fucking legs you struggled to open your legs but you did. Prince turn you around and pushed against the wall hard hurting your boobs prince added the 4th finger and started to go real hard. Soon he stoppes and tood you to get on the desk prince pulled down his pants
Prince: suck my dick
You started sucking his dick slowly. Prince pushed your head down on him more and you started to gag but, you havld to keep going with it. Prince stopped you and told you to hold on and you held. Prince started fucking you hard. Even though you held on you almost fell princes strokes were getting hardee by the second. It kind of felt good to you but it also hurted. After 10minutes prince stopped
prince:whos fucking bad now
Yn: you
Prince: yea keep it that way go put to clothes on
Yn: okay
Y’all put y’all clothes on
Yn: I can’t walk my fucking pussy hurts
Prince: not my fault you were bad next time you come here and I’m here its gonna hurt 10xs harder
yn: *rolls eyes*
The end

Princeton imagine Detention#2 pt 1

Dammit I know imma be late for class
- class -
Mr. Parks : has anyone seen yn
Class : no
Mr. Parks :well she’s absent
(You walk in)
Mr. Parks : well Mrs. Yn your late that’s a detention
Yn : aww man please dont give me one I’ve been doing good
Mr. Parks : sorry rules are the rules take your seat
Yn : (sits down and mumbles) fuck (thinking) damn. I don’t want to go to detention its fucking boring and I cant skip because ill get into more trouble. Shit I hope prince aint there hd said its gone hurt 10x worst and that shit hurt but I felt good ugh today is not my day.
(Bell rings)
Mr. Parks : okay class you can go and yn (hands her detention slip) here you go and you better show you
Yn : yea whatever
Yn : (walks in) shit man
Prince : (smirks)
Mr. P : sit down yn
Yn : (sit down)
Prince : ( whispers in your neck) so your back baby.
Yn :(feels his hot breath) yes I’m back
Prince : (whispers) your punishment isn’t gonna be here though
Yn : then where is it gonna be
Prince : my house (bites your ear)
Yn : shouldnt you get punished to you in detention too
Prince : I dont know should I
Yn : you deserve it after what you do to me
Prince : okay the we’ll do that
Yn: good (kisses prince)
Prince :(kisses back and pulls away)
Yn : (gets up to get something)
Prince : (smacks you ass)
Yn : aye save dat for later.

Princeton imagine Detention#2 pt 2

- at Princeton’s house
Yn : wow this is nice
Prince : thanks
Yn : now time for you punishment (bites lip)
Prince : okay lets go to my room
In his room
Yn : ( pushes prince against the wall and grabs his dick)
Prince : (yelps) oh God dont do this to me
Yn : (pulls harder) to bad I already started (smirks)
Prince : just for that imma make rougher
Yn : that’s okay papi I like it rough because of you (takes his pants off)
Prince : well your gonna love this baby
Yn (pulls his dick again and lick the tip)
Prince : shit
Yn : (gets on top of him and grinds hard on his dick)
Prince : aww shit stop please
Yn : no I’m in joying this
5 minutes later
Prince : aww shit that shit hurt your turn.
Yn : mkay
Prince pushes you roughly on the bed and kisses you hard and presses his body on you. He moves to your neck and sucks hard while he grabs your breast roughly and you moan loudly. He take you shirt and pants off and throws it across the room. He takes you panties off with his teeth and starts fingering you with three fingers. 2 minutes later you cum and he starts licking and sucking hard. After awhile he gets up and puts a condom and and goes in hard without warning making you gasp. Prince you had in all kinds of postion that you thought weren’t even possible let along he was still going hard ans rough. You scratchin his back up like crazy. You were kinda surprise that the condom broke. But right when you thought that its broke. You were tired and hoping he would stop but he didn’t. He just took the.condom off stuck it in again and did a few more strokes and the last has harder that all the rest making you scream loud. He got next to you and layed down while catching his breath and he spoke first.
Prince : damn that was good
Yn : if I get on detention again will it be worst
Prince : no imma give you a break
Yn : thank you Jesus cause was too rough
Prince : you said you like rough
Yn : not that rough i defenatlly sp? Can’t feel my legs
Prince : sorry (make a puppy dog face)
Yn : its ok (kisses him)
Prince :(kisses back) Lets go to sleep
Yn :(sleep)
Prince :(laughs kisses your forehead wraps his arm around waist and goes to sleep
The End

desiray princeton imagine .O1

Desiray Princeton Imagine part .O1
Desiray pov
Tonight me and my girls gonna go to the club they trynna cheer me up because me and my ex just went through a hard breakup and I’ve been depressed lately but I really do wanna go.
Desiray :
Kiki :
Amarri :
Amarri : come on desi lets go
Desiray : I dont wanna go
Kiki : girl if you dont get yo ass out here imma drag you
Desiray : ok fine
At the club
Playing :
Amarri : aye dis my song (go dances on a random dude)
Kiki : remember have fun (walks away)
Desiray : whatever (goes to the bar)
Desiray : hey can I have a apple martini
Bartender : yes
??: I’ll pay for it and get me one too
Desiray : I dont need you to buy it
??: but I want to baby (hands the money to the bartender)
Desiray : I don’t even know your name
??: my name is Princeton now you do (smirks)
Desiray : okay I’m Desiray why did you buy it
Princeton : because I saw a beautiful lady sitting at the bar by herself
Desiray : (blushes) okay
Princeton : tell me about you
Desi : well just got out of a bad relationship
Prince: me too
Desi : what happened with you
Prince : she only wanted my money
Desi : oh I’m sorry
Prince : naw its fine what about you
Desi : he cheated
Prince : oh you wants some more to drink
Desi : yeah
A few drinks later
Desi : (drunk) Oooo come on lets dance (hiccups and laughs)
Prince : (tipsy) ok
Playing :
Desi : (twerking on him)
Prince : O.O damn Mami
Desi : (rubs her ass on him)
Prince : (get a boner)
Desi : (feels it on her ass and rubs it)
Prince : (whispers in you ear) maldita ma i wanna fuck tan fuerte (damn ma I wanna fuck you so hard)
Desi : do it then
Prince : (carries you bridal style to his car and speed home)
His house
Desi : come on princey
Prince : go up to the room ill be there I a minute
Desi ok (goes to the room)
Few minutes later
Prince goes upstairs and sees you sleep
Prince : desi wake up
Desi : hmmm
Prince : here take to asrpin so you won’t have a headache.
Desi: (sits up) ok (takes the medicine) (bites lip) I still want you though
Prince : ok (climbs on top if you and whispers) imma rock yo world tonight
Desi : (smiles)
Prince : (kisses soft spot)
Desi : (moans)desiray princeton imagine .O2

Desiray Princeton Imagine part .O2
Prince unzipped your dress and kissed your collarbone to your neck to your shoulder blade. You took off your heels and he took off his shirt and pushed you on the bed climbing on top of you. You were moaning softly while he was kissing your neck and giving you deep passion marks. He undid your bra massaging both breast while kissing you. He licked down your stomach to the rim of your panties then kissed the inside of your thighs. He pulled down your panties with teeth and kissed your “lips ” and put your legs on his shoulders. He started flicking his tounge against your clit the stuck his tounge in you. He was licking as much as he could and softly rubbing your clit. Your pushed his head deeper while yelling “prince in gonna cum ” and he started licking faster. You finally released and he licked all of it up and kissed letting you taste it. Prince got up and took his jeans and boxers off and put a condom on. He got back on top of you slowly stuck all nine inches in you letting you get use to his huge size. Prince pulled out and rammed back in you causing your head to hit the windshield a little and moan. He kept doing that but a faster pace and kissing you to calm you down so the neighbors wont hear. You started rubbing his back and started scratching when he went even faster. The room was filled with moans grunts and clapping noises. You flipped you two over and started grinding on him making him harder with his eyes rolling back. You stuck it in you placed your hands on his chest and went hard.
Prince : mmmh DAMN BABY
You started getting tired after awhile so he flipped you over on to all fours and rammed back in to you and said “whos yo daddy ”
Desiray : (moaning) YOU
prince : (slaps your ass) WHAT’S MY NAME
Desiray : PRINCETON!!
Y’all kept going like that for 10 minutes then you heard prince grunt really loud then you felt warm liquids inside you then you cummed. Prince slowly pulled out and layed next to you breathless. Once he caught hid breath he looked at you and you were already sleep. He kissed your ear then wrapped his arms around you falling asleep
THE ENRay imagine pt 1

Today is you and ray’s second anniversary of being married and tenth of being together (if you’re confused y’all got married on you’re anniversary)
(Yn pov) So I wake up knowing today was gonna be the best day if my life and I wanted to start it out funny. Since ray was always pulling pranks on me I decided to get him back. I did a real simple prank doe. I went down stairs and got a can of cool whip an came back up BTW I’m wearing a t-shirt and black shorts for future notices. I sprayed it on both if rays hands and got two feathers and tickled both sides of rays face. He kept clenching the finally he slapped both sides of his face and woke up (end of pov)
Yn: (starts laughing)
Ray: oh you think that’s funny huh
Yn : yea (still laughing)
Ray:(wipes the whip cream of his face so he has more WC on his hands) come here baby
Yn : NOOO!! (Runs away still laughing)
Ray :(runs after you and catches up to you with his hand on you ass)
Yn :RAY! You git whip cream on my ass
Ray : happy anniversary (does a sexy smile)
Yn : (laughs) happy anniversary
Ray : why did you do that?
Yn : payback fir all the times you pranked me
Ray : oh okay it ight cause ill get you tonite (bites lips and smacks your ass and licks the whip cream off his hands)
yn : eww your nasty and freaky
Ray : but you like my freakiness dont’cha
Yn : so shut up
ray : aye get dressed imma take you out for breakfast
Yn : OOOOO What kind of food
Ray : surprise
Yn : damn it better be pancakes you know I love my pancakes (yelling from upstairs)
ray : yea okay just get dressed.
(Yn pov) I go upstairs to get dressed I put on my dark blue skinty LOL skinny jeans a tight shirt my I gray black and purple Jordan’s I put loose spiral curls in my hair and some black and purple eyeshawdow I sprayed rays favorite bodyspray on which is vanilla. It kinda drives him crazy. I went down stairs to meet ray (end of pov)
ray : I smell vanilla
Yn : yep I put it on for you
ray : thanks now lets go
Yn : okay
(Ray pov) since yn loves pancakes I decided to take her to Ihop (end of pov)
Yn : Oooo ihop ( gets out the car and runs to the door)
Ray : damn girl slow down
yn : mkay
ray : wow
A N so yall eat at ihop then yall go home and cuddle on the couch watching yalls favorite movies. a few hours later ray takes you out to dinner
(Your pov) so me and ray are about to go to grand luxury cafe (its like the cheesecake factory) and I decided to put my new purple mini dress silver jewelry and 6” gold heels. My hair and makeup stays the same (end of pov)
ray : damnnnn
Yn : shut up (blushed)
Ray :(comes up to you and kisses you passionately. And mumbles on your lips) I can’t wait to take that off
Yn :I bet you cant(bites lip)
ray : okay lets stop I’m getting hard I can control my freaky ness
Yn : (look down at his bulge and giggles)
Ray : come on I rented a limo
yn :( gets excited) ray you rented a fucking limo ( runs and jumps on ray. With heels) I wanna ride in the limoooo
ray : you watch kenan and kel to much ( puts you down and grabs you hand)
yn : I know and OK
Ray imagine pt 2

(Ray pov) me and yn got to the grand lux and the waitier took us to our seat. Yn looked so fine in dat dress I just wanna ripe it off but I gotta control myself. Me and yn both ordered our favorite the flautas sp/c? We ate and drank some wine I can tell that yn is having fun soon we decided to head home and the fun begins (end of pov)
in the limo ….
Yn : when we get home I just wanna take a long as shower
ray : oh I got a surprise for you
Yn : oh really
Ray : yep
yn : (taking shoes off) o my feet hurt
ray : (goes up to you and kisses your neck. And whispers) are you ready for your surprise
yn : yea (moans)
Ray : meet me upstairs in five minutes
yn : okay
(Reg pov) while you sat down on the couch for 5min. Ray went upstairs and dimmed the light in yalls room made you a bath with bubbles and rose pedals made up the bed and put rose pedals on it sprayed you perfume so it will smells like vanilla fish five mind were upside when went down grabbed your hand and y’all went upstairs. Ray slowly unzipped your dress and slowly pulled it off you. You took your bra and panties off and he lead you to the tub. When you saw how romantic every thing was you began to cry a little. You got in the tub and ray started to massage you back. After a few minutes later he took his clothes off and joined you. He kissed you neck slowly and moved down your back. He came back up and kissed you on your lips. You let the water out and y’all went to the bedroom. Ray wanted to try something different he took you to the wall. Ray kissed you neck and started rubbing on your breast. He moved his hands down and started rubbing /fingerings your clit. Your moans became louder every time he stuck his fingers in you. Ray stopped and licked his fingers seductively. Ray told you he was gonna go slow and he slowly enters into your pussy from the back. With every stroke ray went faster and faster. He grinned and rolled his hips with every stroke to which made you go crazy and caused your legs to shake rapidly. Soon ray stopped and carried you to the bed knowing you couldn’t walk. He layed you down and kissed you on the lips and you kissed back. Yalls kiss turn to be a five minute make out. Now its its time for rays payback of what you did to him this morning. Rays enters his dick and fast, faster than he’s ever gone before. At first it kinda hurted cause he was tonight faster then you we use to but the it started to feel good. Ray had you screaming in pleasure. Ray stopped and went down and licked your clit fast which kinda turned into tounge fucks. You on the other hand was moaning like crazy which was turning him on more. You then cummed on rays tounge and he licked you up ray started fucking you again and he kept going until he cummed in side of you he new that you were ready to have kids so he did. After while ray got tired do he stopped. And layed next to you breathless and you were speechless. You have never been loved like that by ray so this turned out to be the best day of you life so far……….
A few weeks later you found out you were pregnant ……with twins!! You and ray were so happy
the end

Ray imagine pt 1

This is For Adeva since she requested so here we go
- Adeva -
Rays been acting weird lately he would stay out later and all this shit. I try to talk to him but he would ignore or yell at me. It hurts me that we don’t even talk any more
Adeva : (walks in the house)
Ray : (leaving)
Adeva : where are you going?
Ray : none of your business
Adeva : well sorry for asking a question damn
ray :( raises voice) I’m tired of you asking all these damn questions Adeva
Adeva :( gets teary eyed) I sorry ill leave you alone (walks away)
Ray : yea go cry alone bitch (leaves)
Adeva : ( throws a vase)
- Adeva -
I feel like he doesnt want anything to with me anymore. He yells at me everyday for nothing. I wanna leave but I love him to much to do that. I know deep down inside he still loves me two. After that whole thing I decided to take a hot bubbly bath to soak way my pain.
Adeva : (listening to the radio and you and rays favorite song comes on and you cry silently while remembering yalls fun memories then gets out the shower than goes to sleep)

Ray imagine pt 2

- Adeva -
Now I getting ready to work (wearing this ) and I see ray knocked out. He smell like some cheap ass women purfum sp? That you get at dollar general. I reall dont wanna think he cheating maybe he was at the club or something but imma go to work.
- at work -
Adeva : hey Kiki (me hehe)
Kiki : hey eva (my nickname for u) how you and dumb ass
Adeva : still the same aye I’m leaving early today to get some stuff done at home
Kiki : OK mama I dont wanna be nosey but put me on speaker phone when you talk to him I wanna here the shit that go down
Adeva : (laughs) kiki you a trip
Kiki : aye roc ( lol) out of town so I need some entertainment
Adeva : yea whatever.( few hours later u getting ready to leave) bye kiki
Kiki : bye dont forget to call before you walk in
Adeva : (laughs)
You get home
Adeva : (calls kiki) I’m home he’s here stay quite
Kiki : ok
Adeva : ( walks in the house and goes upstairs to the bedroom and opens the door) OMFG

Ray imagine pt 3


Adeva : (calls kiki) I’m home he’s here stay quite
Kiki : ok
Adeva : ( walks in the house and goes upstairs to the bedroom and opens the door) OMFG
- ———————————————————————————-
Ray : look Adeva its not what you think
Adeva : (talking to the girl) imma give you five seconds to get yo nasty ass out my house.
Girl : (putting clothes on and running away)
Adeva : (starting cry) why did you do it ray
Ray : because you never gave it to me
Adeva : oh dats a stupid ass reason cause YOU were always tired when YOU came home. I’ll try to give it to you but you’ll say naw baby I’m tired. But yo ass wasn’t to tired to cheat on me every fucking night.
Adeva : okay but this is why yo ass sleeping on the couch Get Out My Room
Ray : fine then (walks away)
On the phone
Kiki : girl you shoulda saw my face though
Adeva : yea I cant believe this
Kiki : well believe shit I wish I was there it woulda been popcorn and a movie
Adeva : ( laughs)
Kiki : the thing is are you gonna forgive him
Adeva : i dont know but i gotta go I gotta change the nasty ass sheets
Kiki : (laughs) bye girl
Adeva : bye
After changing the sheets your wearing shorts and a shirt and Yu go downstairs to get a snack
Ray : (starring at you) thinking
Adeva : what the fuck you lookin at
Ray : can i have some cover
Adeva : (going upstairs) come get you some
Ray : okay (goes upstairs) wait before I get some can i apologize
Adeva : sure
Ray : Adeva I’m sorry I cheated on you I was stupid. If i could take back all the times I yelled at you and called you a bitch i would o hate to see you cry all the time I dont know what came over me(tear falls) if you dont forgive I dont blame because I don’t forgive myself. Just remeber I will always love you and I hope you still have space for me in your heart.
Adeva : (wipes his tears with her thumb) I forgive you
Ray : can I make it up to you (kisses you neck)

Ray imagine pt 4

Adeva : yea
Ray : (picks you up and runs upstairs)
Adeva :(laughing) ray stop before you drop me
Ray (pretends like he’s gonna drop you)
Adeva : you suck
Ray (smiles) I dont wanna do it in the bed
Adeva : when then
Ray : right here
Adeva : in the hall
Ray : yea. I’ll get some covers to put on the floor
Adeva (bites lip) ok I like dat
(Imma say you instead for Adeva :))
Ray went to go get the sheets and condoms later them out pushed you on the wall and kissed you. He kissed your neck and took your shirt off. You pushed him down and licked his abs. He flipped yall back over and took your shorts off and rubbed your pussy through your panties making you moan. He slip your panties off and stuck his tongue in you. You started having short breaths. You felt like you were about to cum but you wanted to hold it in
Ray : dont hold it in baby just let go.
You decided to finally let go and ray licked it all up and kissed you. He put the condom in doing a long stroke
Ray did your command doing long hard and fast strokes. He had you screaming loudly scratchin up his back. You flipped y’all over and he flipped y’all back
Ray : no baby on taking control tonight
Ray went harder and faster the he ever had before the slowed down pulling out. After you and ray catches your breath ray spoke
Ray : aye you wanna get some tacos (smiles)
Adeva :(laugh) this is the ray I love and miss and yes ill love to get some tacos
Ray (kisses you) I promise I wont do it again
Adeva : I love you
Ray : I love you too
Adeva : now let’s go
The end